Josh Siegel asks his daughter, Aeryn, 4, for the first dance of the evening at a daddy-daughter dance at Cheney Mansion last week. She was not interested at the time. (David Pierini/staff photographer)

Josh Siegel said he knows one day he may have to deal with a “creep with a nose ring” wanting to date one of his three daughters.

But Friday night, he was the only man on the dance cards of his two oldest, Amber 10, and Aeryn, 4, at the daddy-daughter dance sponsored by the Park District of Oak Park at Cheney Mansion.

“As I like to joke, my opinion on the firearms laws have changed,” said Siegel, watching as his wife, Beth, fixed the hair of Aeryn before the dance. “For now, it’s great fun spending this kind of time with them.”

At Cheney Mansion, Siegel watched with delight as his girls ate chocolate-covered strawberries, made Valentine’s crafts and learned a dance from a performer portraying Belle from Beauty and the Beast. He even sang the theme song with his daughters.

For Amber, this is her last daddy-daughter dance, and she admitted feeling a bit old for it this year.

Nevertheless, she said, “It’s fun hanging out with my dad,” then added, “I liked everything but the dancing.”

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