Kathryn Hempel, right, talks to her son, Lincoln Warner, while she paints at her kitchen table in Oak Park. Hempel is attempting to create one piece of art every day for a year.

As a girl of 7, Kathryn Hempel wrote a note to herself that she never forgot.

I want to be an artist and paint the sites of the world.

But a busy life as a film editor, partner in an international company, wife and mother of two children kept Hempel from pursuing art on a regular basis.

Then as a sort of New Year’s resolution, Hempel made another very public declaration.

I want to create a piece of art every day for a year.

On July 2, the half-year mark, Hempel will have made good on the resolution she shared with friends on Facebook.

“Someone said an audacious goal is a good one,” said Hempel. “I love resolutions. I don’t always keep them.”

On this one, she is making good.

She started with a painting on Jan. 1, but the idea of spending a part of each day creating did not occur to her until the next day, when she completed another painting. She posts her work each day on Facebook with a growing number of followers tracking her progress.

Hempel’s work has covered a range of styles, from meditative line studies to journalistic records of her days.

Her family is supportive and even nag her a bit when it’s getting late in the day and she has yet to work on her art.

“Sometimes it’s like 11:30 and I’ll say, ‘Mom, what are you going to do?'” said her daughter, Daisy Warner.

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