Korean Noodle Soup at Katy's, courtesy David Hammond

I usually can’t eat at the same restaurant more than once or maybe twice. There are so many places to eat that I feel like I should really use all available belly real estate to try as many restaurants as possible in this short period of time we have on Earth.

I wrote about Katy’s Dumpling House when it first appeared at Hutong. And I’ve been there several times since, twice in the past week actually. I just love the place, and soon I’ll find probably find that I’ve said all that I can say about the place, and then I’ll shut up about it, but I’m not there yet.

With a flu bug infesting my throat, the Korean Noodle Soup was just right. Hand-made noodles, some seafood, and a piquant broth that was dialed up to just the right level on the heat-o-meter.

Noodles are central to much Asian and specifically Chinese food, and with the range of noodle preparations at Katy’s, I feel like I will be able to get an education in this food stuff. The noodles themselves are not extraordinarily flavorful, but what they have going for them is texture. Hand-pulled into spirals, the noodles at Katy’s are fabulously chewy and dense.

Recently, I went back for the Dan Dan Mien, noodles in a slightly hot sauce with greens. It was an excellent dining experience even though at that point in my illness my head was so congested that I couldn’t’ taste a thing. But that was actually okay, because the texture of the noodles was satisfying even without flavor. I’m guessing it’s actually better with flavor (!), so I’ll go back to try it again when I feel better.

A lot of people I know were quite happy with Hutong, and I’m not exactly sure why they felt they had to move to the side to let Katy’s in, but I’m glad they did.

At their location in Westmont, Katy’s Dumpling House offers a number of make-at-home dishes in their freezer cabinet; it’d be very convenient if they’d start offering the same in Oak Park.

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