I am writing to enthusiastically endorse the Oak Park Together candidates: John Hedges for village president; Peter Barber, Glenn Brewer and Colette Lueck for village trustee; and Teresa Powell for village clerk. I know John, Peter, Glenn, Colette and Teresa very well, and they are bright, honest, professional and hard-working people who genuinely care about our village. They have impressive and relevant professional and volunteer experience that will serve Oak Park incredibly well if they are elected.

I am particularly thrilled that John Hedges is running for village president. John has deep experience in village government and civic engagement and will be prepared to lead from day one. High on the list of priorities for the Oak Park Together slate is ensuring that village government lives within its means and with John’s leadership, I am sure that is what they will do. Peter, Glenn and Colette have proven themselves as highly involved and responsive public officials and Teresa has taken the office of the village clerk to new levels.

Knowing them as well as I do, I also know they are genuinely committed to the ideals of diversity, responsible and strategic economic development to expand the tax base and budgeting adequately to maintain high quality police and fire operations. They will work hard to build on the important legacy of so many others who have come before them and will lead by example while launching new community conversations focused on new opportunities.

Hedges, Barber, Brewer, Lueck and Powell: experienced leaders who will invite respectful, robust dialogue, focused on the most important issues facing our community. With your support, these five exceptional citizens will serve the community with distinction.

Ade Onayemi

Oak Park

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