In the movies it’s called “Meet Cute.”

Whether it’s a flirtatious glance from across the room or a sweet, but awkward encounter in the frozen foods aisle, we all wish for that “happily ever after.”

Well, Valentine’s Day romantics, how’s this:

YOU: There you are walking down Garfield Street in Oak Park when you catch the scent of delicious baked goods.  You stop and see that Animal Care League is hosting its First Annual Bake Sale.  Well, you are a bit hungry.  And it is for charity.

HER: There she is – beautiful brown eyes and a smile to rival that of Julia Roberts.  Tone, sleek, confident.  Her name is Ava.  Like Ava Gardner.

YOU: She comes up to you as if she’s known you all her life.  Exuberant, fearless, she trusts you immediately.  She wants to get to know you.  Yes, you!

You invite her to sit down, but it’s already done.  Nothing to rethink or resist.  Sometimes forever love is just that easy.

And of course, you live happily ever after.

(Roll credits)

The Animal Care League’s first annual bake sale will take place Feb. 14 from noon-7:30p.m.

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