We’re hard-pressed to name two more influential, more interesting, more generous people in Oak Park than Dennis and Bunny Murphy, the owners these days of Poor Phil’s.

Over the years they’ve started and run Murphy’s-Off-the-Mall, a great hamburger joint; Philander’s, which was actually Oak Park’s first decent white tablecloth restaurant though it is better remembered for its stand-alone bar; Kettlestring’s, a gourmet kitchen shop, and, then, finally Poor Phil’s, known for its seafood and casual ways. So they take the prize for serial entrepreneurs.

But how about the slew of kids they adopted? Dennis’ late-in-life theology degree? Being married 45 years? All the locals they’ve hired? Getting through life with the nickname of Bunny? And for making it possible to serve alcohol in Oak Park after some 70 years of teetotaling.

We profile the pair this week in print, with a video online. Great fun. Great people.

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