Leaves waiting to picked up at the corner of Adams and Cuyler.

The chilly weather is sweeping in and that can only mean one thing.

It’s time to get out your leaf collection schedule.

The annual fall leaf collection runs from Oct. 15 through Nov. 29 with seven pickups for the four sections of the village. Residents are instructed to rake leaves into the street at least 18 inches from the curb the day before pickup, according to the village newsletter. Those leaves are pushed into pile during the night to reduce impact on cars. Residents who miss pickup should keep the leaves on the parkway until the night before the next scheduled pickup.

A few rules to follow for collection from the village include: stick to leaves only, do not part near leaves, rake leaves onto side streets when possible, do not rake leaves into cul de sacs, keep catch basis clear of leaves, obey parking restrictions, dampen piles to avoid being blown by the wind, and drive cautiously while leaves are being collected.

As for collection dates, the areas bound by Harlem, North, East and South avenues will be collected Wednesdays; the areas bound by Austin Boulevard,  South, East and North avenues are Thursdays; the areas bound by Austin, Roosevelt Road, East and South and avenues are Mondays; and the areas bound by Harlem, South and East avenues and Roosevelt are Tuesdays.

For more information about leaf collection in the village, call (708) 358-5700 or email publicworks@oakpark.us.

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