On my way back to Oak Park from an assignment at Lyons Township High School Thursday night, I caught a glimpse of Sidd Finch. Yep, the legend himself. I couldn’t resist pulling over and making a photograph.

Little League teams from LaGrange were playing at a park there and as I drove past I noticed the delivery from the pitcher, who was playing for a team decked out in New York Mets’ uniforms. Sidd Finch was my one and only thought!

For those of you unfamiliar with the story of Sidd Finch, you can read about it at the links below:

Story of the Oak Parker who became Sidd Finch.

A modern day version of the famous spoof by Wednesday Journal sports editor Brad Spencer.

The top photo is of Tyler Collins, 7, of LaGrange, as he delivers a pitch during a game Thursday evening. The bottom photograph was shot by Sports Illustrated photographer Lane Stewart in 1985.

I like Stewart’s photograph better, but mine isn’t staged at all so maybe I get some points for that.

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