This Sunday, Christians the world over celebrate life after death. Many profess to believe in the Resurrection, but what about the rest of us? If there is life after death, as we so fervently hope, we don’t know what form it takes. But we all have imaginations, so we can’t help speculating.

I meet monthly with a group of friends to talk about spirituality, and recently we engaged in an exercise. Let’s say there is life after death, and “God” is a personal being — or an entity with which we can communicate. And let’s assume every soul, immediately after bodily death, is granted an audience with the supreme being, and that God graciously consents to answer whatever questions have been burning for a lifetime.

What would you ask God? Here are some of the questions we came up with, in no particular order:

Who or what are you?

Where have you been all my life?

Whatever happened to that aquamarine ring?

Was I born for a unique reason or purpose?

Was there a particular role I was meant to play in this lifetime?

How did I do?

What was the worst thing I ever did?

What was my finest moment?

In general, do human beings disappoint you?

Do you judge our lives or do you leave that to us?

Is this heaven or is heaven to be found in life?

Is there intelligent life elsewhere in the universe?

If so, how soon will they contact Earth?

Are there other universes?

How much longer will Earth be able to sustain life?

How much longer will human beings survive as a species?

Will humanity eventually evolve into a higher life form?

Who were my ancestors and what were they like?

Did my life matter?

Was there something I was cut out for that I never discovered?

Why is living such a struggle?

Is your management style hands on or hands off?

Do you control everything that happens?

Is there a reason bad things happen to good people?

What is evil?

Is there a hell?

What is matter composed of?

How does chaos fit into the plan?

What does it mean in the Bible when you are quoted naming yourself “I am who am” (Yahweh)?

Who am I?

Is life fair?

Did Oswald act alone?

Are there absolute truths or is truth ever-changing?

Do you really need to be praised and worshipped incessantly?

Which religion comes closest to comprehending you?

Are luck and coincidence merely random chance?

Was I protected during all those close calls or just lucky?

Were any UFO sightings real?

What is the greatest sin?

What is our greatest illusion?

Is everyone saved?

What works of art pleased you most?

What is love?

If reincarnation exists, how does it work?

Why are you so quiet?

When someone’s mind goes, what happens to the soul?

Who really won the 2000 presidential election?

Did I ever make you laugh?

Do you have a sense of humor?

What have you got against the Cubs?

Am I worthy to come under your roof?

What happens now?

What should I ask that I haven’t thought of?

And what would all of you ask that I haven’t thought of?

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