When I pose this question to parent groups – I often get blank stares and blinking eyes.  What do you mean. . . why do I want an appreciative child?  Doesn’t everyone?  Yes, and I often hear parents voice two consistent reasons for wanting a grateful child:  (1) I don’t want to feel embarrassed by his/her rude, demanding behavior, and (2) I want to feel appreciated for all my efforts.  

Consider a third compelling reason:  Gratitude is the key to a sweet life!   

Remember:  Entitled children (and adults) are NOT HAPPY people.  When you think you should get something and you don’t, how do you feel?  Angry, disappointed, cheated?  How do you feel when you receive a gift, a thoughtful gesture, a kind word, or support?  Loved, tickled, appreciative, special?   

Going through life with expectations is joyless, we feel like victims!  Living life with an awareness of all we have – makes life rich and oh, so sweet! 

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Melissa Ford

As a coach and OakPark.com blogger, it's my intention to support people to step into a bigger, more powerful version of themselves whether it's in their personal or professional life. LIfe is about living,...