Before we moved to Oak Park in 1948, we lived on East Walton Street in Chicago. Practically every Sunday afternoon, my dad and I would walk south on Michigan Avenue or west on Chicago Avenue and north on Rush Street to Elm Street. Sometimes we would visit my grandparents at 22 E. Elm.

When the weather was warm, we would walk along the lakefront. From time to time, we would meet someone my dad knew. One of the people we would meet was Joe Kelly, the host of WMAQ’s “The Quiz Kids.”

Back then, many people took Sunday strolls, and some fished off the breakwaters. Of course, with World War II going on, the streets were heavily populated by soldiers and sailors either passing through the city or visiting from Fort Sheridan and Great Lakes.

When we moved to Oak Park, my grandfather and I walked. During these walks, he would point out the homes where famous Oak Parkers once lived, and he would tell me the history of various landmarks. These walks were weekly events, weather permitting, for about four years.

By the time I was in seventh grade, my interests turned to listening to Chicago Cardinal football games and Sox and Cubs games on the radio or, after 1952, watching the games on television. Also, I oftentimes went to the movies at the Lake Theatre with Roger, Charlie and R.J., or I’d play softball, either at the lot on Chicago and Oak Park or at the Holmes School playground.

What do I do now on Sunday afternoons? Well, I go to the library, watch ballgames on TV, read, and usually fall asleep.

I also take walks with my wife and go to the movies with her, but I no longer play softball.

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