OPRF Principal Nate Rouse has sent a follow-up email to parents concerning the “bomb threat” that was discovered Monday evening in a boys bathroom by custodians. The threat made reference to Tuesday evening Nov. 23. Rouse immediately alerted parents late Monday about the so-called threat, that police had been called in inwhich they determined that it was not a credible threat.

In a follow-up letter Tuesday, Rouse stressed that the school must take such incidences and threats seriously and to make sure parents and the community have accurate, up-to-date information. Rouse’s letter is below.

Tues. Nov. 23 – update

Dear OPRF families:

Most of you by now know that Monday evening our custodial staff discovered a bomb threat written in a boys’ bathroom that police determined was not credible. The original message I sent to our school community is below and provides the details and our response. However, I simply wanted to acknowledge today that these situations are never easy for any of us.  We know that by informing you about such incidents, we cause some students and families unnecessary alarm and worry when, as was the case Monday, there is no credible threat or danger. On the other hand, if we don’t inform our school community, and rumors or inaccurate information subsequently emerge after the fact, we risk your trust and our credibility.

We hope you know that we always operate out of concern for the welfare and safety of our students and staff and that our decisions and the process we use to reach those decisions always will reflect that care and concern.

I hope you will put any worries and anxieties about today behind you as you get ready to enjoy a very happy Thanksgiving  break with family and friends!

Nate Rouse, Principal

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