Can you buy a copy machine with TIF funds?

This is where we’ve come to? The days dwindle down to a precious few before River Forest’s Lake Street TIF turns into a pumpkin and we’re debating the technicalities of copy machine purchases at village hall. Meanwhile, in a circumstance that makes us queasy, the village president is holding private meetings with the single developer who could still pull off a development proposal for Lake and Lathrop in time to sop up millions in TIF dollars.

Due to circumstances unfortunate but entirely of their making, River Forest has been fighting the TIF expiration clock for more than a year. With $5 million almost literally burning a hole in its pocket, we are left with the pathetic notion of spending a few bucks on a Xerox machine and the scary reality that an unvetted, undiscussed, multi-million dollar, ecologically complex, multi-property owner, bad-economy development proposal is about to land with a thud.

It is situations like this that give TIF districts a very bad name and raise doubts about how they are managed.

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