Last Wednesday, I attended a Parent Cafe with 40 plus parents looking for answers, insights, and inspiration.  The forum was stimulating as we listened to parents, whose teens were addicted to powerful drugs, talk about their journey of fear, sadness, strength and hope in helping their child get sober. 

What struck many of us?  These parents were good parents that looked just like me, or you, or your neighbor next door.   They wanted the best for their son or daughter, did the things they thought were right, loved their child, and more.  It was clear:  having a child abuse drugs and become addicted knows no bounds.  

I’m so grateful to those fearless, caring, open parents for sharing their stories.  I was humbled and inspired.  

Please join the next Parent Cafes’ conversation. Your community needs resources like you.  

  • Wednesday, November 10th (7 – 9 pm) River Forest Library, River Forest
  • Wednesday, December 8th (7 – 9 pm) River Forest Community Center, River Forest


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