Susan Lucci of River Forest is a Circle facilitator extraordinaire.  Currently participating in her Transformational Transition Circle – a ritualized gathering of women of all ages – asking thought-provoking questions, sharing ideas and meditation – I’m experiencing new perspectives, intimacy, and support.  Wonderful! 

Then, I discovered Circles aren’t just for adults.  Susan offers Friendship Circles for Middleschoolers and this is what she says:

  At this point in their life, their self esteem and confidence are flourishing!  They know who they are, what they love to do and why they are doing it.  This is the perfect time to form circles of support to reinforce their perspective on self, brainstorm solutions to their problems with peers, and learn methods of coping, meditating and meaningful dialogue. 

What a unique, empowering approach to supporting our children to share who they are, while learning together.  Consider a circle for your child.  For more information:   

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