OPRF/Citizens' Council Teen Alcohol and Substance Use Forum:  Jim Powers

For change to occur; first, as parents, we have to be willing to open our eyes to the teen alcohol and substance abuse in our communities and in our schools.  Clearly, there’s a concern when our kids call their hometowns:  Smoke Park, Reefer Forest.  

Jim Powers, a University of Illinois researcher and LCSW, as part of his research, conducted a teen focus group posing this big question:  How prevalent is the availability of drugs and alcohol at OPRFHS?  

Our teens’ answer:  “Everyone knows someone who can get it easily and they can get the drugs and alcohol anytime, anyplace, anywhere that they want.”

OPEN YOUR EYES WIDE: (Get more information at http://www.oakparktownship.org  then click on OPRF drug free teens for more information.) 

THEN, REFLECT:  What are my values and do I stand by them?  Consider: What are the messages (direct and indirect) I send to my kid about alcohol and drug use by my own behaviors and attitudes?   

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