Editor’s note: The following comments were submitted to the Web last week, in response to a letter criticizing Downtown Oak Park’s “root beer garden” for kids. Go to OakPark.com to join the conversation.

I agree, the root beer garden for kids wasn’t just a really idiotic idea, but it was also irresponsible [‘Root beer garden’ sends wrong message to kids, Viewpoints, Sept. 22].

Whoever organized the root beer garden needs to have their head checked and probably should get some help updating their résumé experience — marketing the idea of beer gardens to kids because I think it’s cute, like kiddie cocktails are cute.

Root beer is a known gateway to sarsaparilla.

What!? Would you rather the children celebrate OakToberfest with a tea party? How about “no children allowed”? If you don’t agree with family options at festivals like this, you can stay home and raise more stick-in-the-muds like yourself.

What’s next? Do we then tell Trader Joe’s — the sponsor of the root beer garden — that they are contributing to the delinquency of minors and will be forced to close their shop? How about this? They also give out candy to kids who find a squirrel in the store. By your definition, this should also be banned because it promotes dental decay. Thus, an egregious and irresponsible act. Let’s take it down a notch, people, please!
Joe Morrison

This letter get’s my nomination for whiner of the year, but he has tough competition. He goes up against the guy who whined about the midweek market closing during 70 mph winds and tornado warnings.

I’ll forever wonder if he ever got his cucumber that night.

Yes, we should ban the root beer garden and replace it with something wholesome, like a place where kids can get together and do Coke. Are you serious? Root beer is bad because one of the words in the name is beer? This would be funny if it were not such a pathetic commentary on how people think.

One last thing: Maybe the park district should ban all flower pots. We would not want kids to get the message that pot is ok.

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