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It seems to me the bank is being both unreasonable and dumb to demand a sale price that would not make it possible to put the vacant building on Garfield to a useful purpose [Neighbors agitate over empty building in south Oak Park, News, Sept. 15]. Why are they allowed to ask for a pie-in-the-sky price? Anyone who wants to build in this economy has to work hard to make their numbers work for them. Is Bridgeview Bank to be given an exception?

I recommend someone in authority at the village hall demand to see the reasoning and the numbers from Bridgeview Bank to prove the building is worth what they are asking for. If they refuse or ignore the request, I would inform them that Oak Park will not look with favor on any property in Oak Park they want to finance. Further, I would advise them that interested parties in Oak Park may decide to get together a group to go down to Springfield to ask for a hearing on why they should be allowed to keep their bank charter.

If they are not serving a public function, why should they be allowed do business in Illinois?

Ferd Isserman
Oak Park

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