The first barbershop that I patronized was Pagers at 161 Marion, and I continued going there through fifth grade. From 6th to 8th grades, Mr. Peterson on Chicago Avenue lowered my ears. In high school I went to either Dambreau’s on Lake Street, where there were five barbers, a shoe shine man, and a shoe repair shop or to Sam Kaster’s on Westgate. After high school, I went to Joe’s [later Dini’s] on Marion and Chicago until Mr. Dini retired in 2005.

When I make infrequent trips to the barber nowadays, he/she often says, “What can I do for you?” There were many different styles of haircuts when I was a teenager. There was the crewcut [buzz] that left little hair on one’s head. Some guys wore either the “Princeton,” which was short but could be combed flat with a part or the “flat top” where the hair stood up somewhat on the top, but with short sides. Other guys wore the “d a” style that was popularized by James Dean and many rock and roll stars. This style called for the long sides to be combed back in the shape of a duck’s rear feathers and held in place with Brylcreem or some other sticky hair grease. Usually, the person wearing this style also wore sideburns. The front of the “d a” was often worn in a pompadour with the hair combed up from the forehead. I wore my hair in the flat top style.

Now, I no longer have to think about hair styles.

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