First, I’d like to say that Ken Trainor is an Oak Park treasure, and I always enjoy, and almost always agree, with his columns. [Feeling thankful despite the downturn, Ken Trainor, Nov. 25] Of course, I only write on this exceedingly rare occasion when I disagree with him!

In his latest column, on giving thanks, while I pretty much agreed wholeheartedly with everything else that he wrote, I feel compelled to write about Marion Street. When I see Marion Street now, I am not thankful, but sad. Beautifying the street was a good idea, but why cars? For a few parking spots and an insignificant car route, we gave up a uniquely quiet, pedestrian-friendly urban spot in the heart of Oak Park.

I will be thankful when Oak Park realizes its mistake and makes Marion Street not only beautiful, but also a peaceful urban oasis once again.

Jack Bizot
Oak Park
Submitted to Wednesday

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