I found some of Chief Limon’s comments interesting in your recent article regarding traffic cameras in River Forest. [Committee gives green light to traffic cameras, news, June 24] He states that his three primary reasons for advocating red-light camera enforcement are: a reduction in vehicle accidents, less time spent by officers in dealing with those accidents and officer safety. He goes on to say that each traffic accident, on average, takes four police man hours to deal with.

Now having said all this, my question is: When is the village going to implement a scheme for the placement of stop signs at intersections in the village? Wouldn’t eliminating the numerous unprotected corners in this village address all of the chief’s aforementioned concerns and more!? The village puts up a few new stop signs every year, many times only after someone complains and/or there is a bad accident (e.g., Jackson and Quick). Why don’t they just get the entire village done?

A scheme of stopping every other block is very common in our neighboring communities. Why not here? Last week there was an accident at Iowa and Monroe, an unprotected corner. In addition to the fire engine, three ambulances (one from River Forest and two from Oak Park) were required, along with as many police vehicles. How much did this cost the village and those involved? How much for a stop sign?

Steve Wade
River Forest

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