I had to laugh when the latest OP news bulletin came across my e-mail yesterday announcing a new “Adopt a Block” program whereby we residents can form committees to clean up garbage on our block, and the village will provide the bags, stickers and signs. I suspect the next initiative will be an “Adopt a Pothole” project whereby residents can organize to fill the potholes on their block and the village will supply the asphalt.

This is all so surreal-that our tax dollars can’t fund basic services anymore, but they can fund massive subsidies to private developers for low-quality, out-of-scale projects we don’t need, that are one by one diminishing the character of this town, driving out small businesses, undermining our property values-and not reducing taxes.

Installing “Adopt a Block” signs should be a clear message to anyone considering a move to
Oak Park that they should think twice. I urge the village to reconsider this ill-conceived idea.

Kathryn Jonas

Oak Park


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