Having just read John Hubbuch’s column in the Wednesday Journal [I have a dream, Viewpoints, Feb. 20], I find myself in a rather awkward position-that of a staunch Obama supporter coming to the defense of Senator Clinton. But I have to do so.

Hubbuch tried to get cute today, but all he did was offend a whole bunch of Oak Parkers-men and women-when he referred to Mrs. Clinton as “the most famous cuckquean in American history.”

I could be cute in return and say that his comment isn’t even historically accurate.

Give some thought to the contenders, John.

Instead, I’ll give you several other reasons:

1)  It is simply not relevant to the discussion at hand.

2)  If Mr. Hubbuch would take time to consider, such a comment is totally off target for the Obama campaign message.

3)  It’s flat-out offensive, not just to Mrs. Clinton, but to everyone with an ounce of sensitivity.    

I dearly hope that Senator Obama will win both the nomination and the election. I think that this man offers an incredibly unique opportunity for my country that I love so dearly.

Yes, we need experience (though no one has the experience to take on that particular job). But what we most desperately need today is visible moral leadership.

That said, I certainly have no problem with Mrs. Clinton (though I think her husband is the modern equivalent of a Shakespearean tragedy). She is all that her supporters claim she is, and if she attains the nomination, she will have my full support.

Now, one final comment: I’ll direct it specifically to Mr. Hubbuch. If your neighbor, Bob, is messing around with Jane, who lives down the street, don’t you think it would be totally crude to refer to Bob’s wife, Sally, as a cuckquean while at the block party? Of course you do.

So tell me, what’s the difference?

Paul Moroney
Oak Park

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