Although I have known for a couple of weeks that Martha Brock was going to resign from the board, I am deeply saddened by her departure. Trustee Brock is a decent, kind and thoughtful woman. She served Oak Park with dignity.

Martha’s victory in 2005 was not a fluke. She won through determination, hard work and by doing her homework. In addition, she listened to citizens. Martha does not like lip service or mock attention to citizen concerns.

Right now, Martha needs our support and our prayers. Some may find this an opportune time to make it a political issue. However, Martha is indeed not well, and she is going to be with her family.

When I read the article on Wednesday Journal’s website, I was reminded of the smile on Martha’s face when she won in 2005. She was filled with joy. She should have been. Martha made history with her victory.

She leaves the board and Oak Park richer for having served. We will miss her.

Bob Milstein
Oak Park village trustee

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