On June 28, Wednesday Journal had an excellent article by Bill Dwyer on governance issues at Triton College, as well as a letter from a faculty member and an editorial on the same subject. Your editorial correctly points out that readers should care about Triton because we send a lot of tax money to support it and because so many OPRF grads attend Triton. It concludes, “voters should stop mindlessly supporting the same tired, old, overly acquiescent board members.”

While I wholeheartedly agree with the editorial, I respectfully submit that Wednesday Journal bears some responsibility for the sorry situation. Voter mindlessness is partially the result of a lack of information. Your newspaper rarely covers what’s happening at Triton, and none of your endorsements dealt with Triton board candidates in the last election. I’m wondering whether these candidates met with you for endorsement interviews or were even invited to do so. If there was no one you could endorse, your assessments still would have been valuable to local voters.

Judith Alexander
Oak Park

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