In response to your “Inside Report” about Greg Saganich’s letters to the Sun-Times and WEDNESDAY JOURNAL, let me first say that I was quite surprised that you gave so much ink to two personal e-mails from Greg that were sent to Neil Steinberg of the Sun-Times and Ken Trainor. To clarify, they were not written to “Letters to the Editor” and were, according to Greg, never intended for publication. Greg has never “bombarded” Ken Trainor with hostile, expletive-ridden letters (unless “bombarded” means one e-mail with one expletive).

As Greg’s wife, I know him as true patriot who stands up for his beliefs while being criticized profusely for it, especially in WEDNESDAY JOURNAL. Truly he is in the minority in Oak Park, and I give him credit for saying what he thinks. He supports the President wholeheartedly as a true leader who is willing to make tough decisions, no matter how unpopular they are.

Greg has written scores of letters to WEDNESDAY JOURNAL that never included any profanity. It seems that the Journal really delighted in pointing out the profanity in an e-mail simply because the paper doesn’t like Greg’s politics. It never would have appeared otherwise, in my opinion. Personally, I don’t like profanity, and we never use it in our household.

To clarify another point: Greg was quite happy about the election’s results. It seems to me that his anger comes from the “vindictive screeds” against George Bush and the Republican party have been published in WEDNESDAY JOURNAL and Sun-Times for the last four years, and, quite frankly, continue to this day. 

Greg has served in the Air Force Reserve National Guard special operations unit for the last 20 years. He leaves for the Middle East Dec. 26 and is proud to serve our country. Since Greg will be away for a while, I leave it to all the other “fierce Republicans” in Oak Park to rebut some of the endless, esoteric diatribe of certain columnists. 

Colette Fairchild-Saganich
Oak Park

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