Reinhold Kulle, a former World War II Nazi SS concentration camp guard who was fired from Oak Park and River Forest High School after his past was uncovered, was ordered deported by a judge.

Kulle had been head of maintenance at OPRF since 1959?#34;two years after he left Germany?#34;before the school board made the controversial decision to dismiss him in 1984. He was 62 when an immigration judge ordered that he be deported and was expected at the time to file an appeal of the decision.

? In the wake of an announcement that  the 100 Forest Place project would be breaking ground before the end of the year, then Oak Park Development Corporation president Arthur Replogle forbade community members?#34;and especially the press?#34;from using the words “Stankus Hole” ever again.

The term referred to the site at Lake and Forest, where 100 Forest Place now stands. The parcel was left vacant for years when Jonas Stankus, who planned a high rise for the site, was unable to procure funding to complete the project.

Repolgle told the audience at the Nicholas Awards presentation: “Therefore, be it resolved that henceforth and forevermore any resident, visitor, village official, elected or appointed, and in particular anyone directly or remotely connected with the media shall be forbidden by village ordinance, under penalties too horrible to commit to paper, to cease and desist to at any time verbally or in writing or in print ever again refer to subject property as Stankus Hole, the Hole, the Sand Pit, or in any derogatory manner whatsoever, even rolling the eyes back into the head, identify this property by any sobriquet other than the designated name given by its new owners: 100 Forest Place. 

?  An Oak Park man confessed to murdering his 28-year-old common-law wife, Virginene Wesley, the weekend before.

Her body was found in Chicago and details of the crime were withheld at the time.

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