t’s easy to miss things. We all have places to go, people to see, promises to keep, such a lot of living to do, which means it’s easy to pass over the rich panoply of detail surrounding us. Since someone obviously went to a lot of trouble to put it there, it seems a shame to ignore it completely.

Paying attention is the key, and there’s no better instrument for helping busy people stop long enough to pay attention than a camera. So we sent our photo editor, Frank Pinc, on a details safari, to find some of the strange and fantastic shapes that adorn the buildings many of us pass every day”and never notice.

We seldom stop to smell the roses, nor do we pause to ogle the ornaments. Here’s your chance. They say the devil’s in the details. In some cases, that, in fact, seems to be true, but you’ll also find the flowers, the acorns, the birds, the draft horses, the griffins, the mysterious faces, the fox hunt, the Art Deco abstractions, and the Prairie-style monograms.

And you can enjoy them for free. All you have to pay is attention.

“Ken Trainor

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