Another few months have gone by and we’ve collected more of the funny and nice things people say:

  • “Librarian! Lady Librarian! Do you know where the books are?” Librarian: “Yes I do, which books are you interested in?” Kid: “Good books!”
  • “It is good to know our library has knowledgeable staff to back up its technological advances. Thank you for your help and responsiveness.”
  • Dad about self checkout: “That was cool! How does it do that? Wait…no, I don’t want to know…It’s library magic.”
  • Kid was asked at school: “If you had to spend all day in one room at school, where would you go?” Answer: “The library—that’s where they keep all the knowledge!” So mom brought him here to get his first library card!
  • Teen browsing our video game collection: “You have more games than Game Stop!”
  • Online chat customer: “This is a wonderful service – highly efficient, and the librarians are top notch.  A great example of the best use of citizen tax dollars!”
  • “I love the Idea Box! It is the best use of the space I’ve seen. Where did you get the red furniture?” (Answer: Ikea)
  • Teen: “Why don’t you have a reading program with prizes all year?”

And two more comments on Twitter:

  • “At @oakparklibrary maze branch, I had wondered “all these books, humanly possible to read them all?”. Where is the time? 🙂 Thx OPPL.”
  • “I think I am in love with my @oakparklibrary :-)”

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