On October 30 2023, the Illinois State Board of Education published the Illinois State Report Card, an annual evaluation of all public schools that provides each school with an individual Summative Designation. 

River Forest District 90 public schools earned two Exemplary Designations and a Commendable Designation, the top two of the five leveled Summative Designations.  

Lincoln and Willard Elementary Schools earned Exemplary Designations, reflecting overall performance in the top 10% of all K-8 public schools throughout the state.  The Summative Designation index score for Willard indicates performance in the top 3-4% of all schools, and marks the second year in a row that Willard has earned the Exemplary Designation.  The Summative Designation index score for Lincoln indicates performance in the top 1% of all schools. 

Roosevelt Middle School earned a Commendable Designation, demonstrating improved achievement on the Illinois Assessment of Readiness over last year in both English Language Arts and Math, as well as exceptional performance on the Illinois Science Assessment.  Learn more at https://www.illinoisreportcard.com.

“We celebrate these Summative Designations because of what they represent – extraordinary teaching and learning across our schools,” said Ed Condon, Ph.D., Superintendent.  “Congratulations to the entire community.”

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