“Third place”: a sociocultural concept that describes a familiar spot where you connect with others, known and unknown, over a shared interest or activity to foster a sense of belonging and community.

First Pres is a real church for real people. We are a community growing together as apprentices of Jesus Christ to reflect God’s love. 

How to describe this special place in 250 words? We’ll try:

Christ is our center, everything we do is in service to him. We love each other, putting others’ needs before our own. We worship from the heart, not in rote habit. We believe music has the power to build unity in community, and to draw us closer to God and each other. The Word of God is our foundation; text directly from the Bible provides our teaching. We believe what we do, not what we say, should be visible demonstrations of God’s truth and love. 

Each fall we welcome the community to a Fall Fest Carnival. Stop by and meet us on Sunday, September 10, at 11:30 am. This is an informal time to gather and kick off the fall with friends, food, carnival games (and prizes!). Learn about activities for the whole family—Sunday Kids Club, Parent Oasis, Adult Ed and worship each Sunday morning. And, ask us about the Progressive Dinner, youth retreats, Christmas concerts, Vacation Bible School, Random Acts of Kindness programs, and so much more. 

Let First Pres be your third place. There’s a place for you here. 


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