OPRF Sounds Good Choir.

They’ve chosen the songs.

They’ve written the flier.

Soprano, Bass, Tenor and Alto,

Directed by Linda Crabtree Powell.

If you’re over 55 with a song in your heart

Why are you waiting? Come join us, let’s start.

Don’t worry about nerves, there’s no audition,

All you need is a voice, and singing ambition.

First rehearsals 9:30, 5th September,

19th Century Club, in all its splendor.

You are the one we want to hear from

Because, once you’ve signed up and sung your first song,

We promise you’ll feel you truly belong.

Your stress will be lower.

Your memory empowered.

Endorphins released,

Like a blossoming flower.

Benefits arise as soon as you sing,

They’ve found even snoring has less of a ring.

And when December arrives it gets even better,

Your immune system braced for Oak Park weather.

Friends and family in great jubilation.

Arrive for our concert at Pilgrim Congregational.

So, be your name Freya, Fayola, or Fred

or Bellicose van Winkle Ali MacTread,

Take a deep breath, grab a pencil or pen,

Wallet, laptop, or phone, and Sing Amen.

Today is your day

To sign up for the choir.

Your place is awaiting,

Our hearts to inspire.

Val Gee
Oak Park

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