We encourage area seniors to participate in two simple programs that help first responders in case of an emergency:

• Residential Key Box Program – allows first responders to access your property without breaking in. The small, industry-leading key box holds one or two keys and is suitable for a single-family home or apartment/condo. These are available for a small fee plus installation (the township provides financial assistance for those who are eligible).

• ICE Packets – contain a medical information form to be completed by a resident and stored in the freezer, where it can be easily located by paramedics. The packet also includes a decal to be placed on the front of the freezer to draw paramedics’ attention to a completed ICE Packet inside.

These programs partner with the local fire departments.

Contact Township Senior Services: 708-383-8060 for either or both programs.

Valerie Lester
OP & RF Townships Senior Services Committee

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