Residents of River Forest are deeply concerned about proposed zoning recommendations that will be detrimental to established neighborhoods. In and around the Madison TIF District, we are disheartened to learn that after hours of meetings, and following a litany of thoughtful, practical, and heartfelt letters, Village Planner John Houseal put forward to the Economic Development Commission (EDC) on Friday April 28, a memo detailing the exact same proposal for zoning alterations for the C2 District adjacent to our small neighborhood in south River Forest that he circulated and presented both at a Feb. 22 “stakeholders” meeting and at the EDC meeting on April 5.

This proposal fails to consider or incorporate views expressed in community meeting or letter and fails to honor the dialog at the April 5 EDC meeting, where the EDC tabled the proposal for the next meeting.

Residents expressed these concerns, in person or by letter:

1)    Take more time before making any recommendations to the village board on potential zoning changes;

2)    Consider variance requests in the context of specific development proposals;

3)    Include a recommendation that neighborhood concerns such as traffic, parking, density, privacy, and setbacks be considered as the process moves forward;

4)    Provide a written vision for development of the Madison corridor that includes multiple options under the current or modified zoning code;

5)    Provide for commercial space which is sorely lacking in the Madison commercial district.

6)    Consider more thoughtful development in the current difficult economic climate rather than caving into a taller structure that primarily benefits the developer;

7)    Recommend zoning that provides the highest and best use of the site and surrounding parcels; 

8)   Village should thoughtfully consider the nearest neighbors’ concerns over light, green space, traffic, and privacy when reviewing specific proposals.

The C2 zoning code on Madison Street between Lathrop and Thatcher should not be updated across the board to eliminate all height, density, parking, FAR, and setbacks in current zoning in contravention of the input of the citizens. Re-zoning to accommodate tall, dense structures along Madison is an unacceptable departure from the current zoning.

Deborah L. Borman
River Forest
Lathrop, Ashland, Franklin Neighbors
On behalf of the following:

Barbara Mirel
Annette Madden
Sallie Castillo
Jennifer Moore
Rich Moore
Melissa Mitchell
Chrissy Anderson-Pogue
Ed Pogue
Bridget Erfort
Dave Erfort
Frieda Pantos
John Pantos
Kathy Corcos
Daniel Corcos
Renee Duba
Susan Altier
Cal Davis
Y Robin Lavender
Margie Bidinger
Joe Bidinger
Lori Madden
Gina Moran
Beth Wangelin

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