Since 1976, the Proviso Mental Health Commission (PTMHC) has helped provide myriad mental health care services to tens of thousands of people throughout Proviso Township. We know that during these times mental health care services are needed more than ever. In addition to traditional therapies for behavioral care, the commission funds services for substance abuse, developmental disabilities, domestic violence, and crisis intervention. All critical areas of need in our community.  

Following the Pandemic, we found a growing demand for virtually all of the services we offer. The stress of daily life in our current environment can sometimes be too much to bear but the Proviso Township Mental Health Commission has always been a beacon of hope. 

“For nearly 50 years, The Proviso Township Mental Health Commission has stood ready to extend a helping hand when needed,” said Jesse Rosas, Executive Director of the Commission.  “We are in the business of saving lives and restoring people to be productive members of society.” 

It is worth noting, that while countless units of local government have taken steps recently to address what many believe is a crisis in mental health in the U.S., Proviso Township has been doing it for more than 40 years making it a recognized leader in the getting local residents the mental health care services they need. 

For decades mental health professionals have worked to educate the public that mental health is as important and vital as physical health. It has not been an easy task with the stigma attached to it.  Today that stigma is largely gone and mental health is finally beginning to receive the attention it deserves. This leads to a better society based on strong families and sound relationships that foster respect, care, and love.  

Mental health issues strike their victims in countless ways, ranging from depression to stress, anxiety, and other emotional factors. They can be caused by an actual chemical imbalance in the brain, by trauma, family or job strife,  violence, domestic abuse, substance abuse or countless other factors. Regardless of their origin, one thing is certain; mental health problems lead to physical problems. Did you know that even some cancer and heart disease are believed to be caused by mental health issues? And that’s just the beginning. Mental Health conditions also cause physical maladies such as high blood pressure, lowered immunity, diabetes, fatigue, headache and even asthma. The toll that poor mental health extracts from us is enormous and undeniable.

That’s why organizations like the Proviso Township Mental Health Commission can play such a vital role in our community. Through tax dollars we receive, the commission has funded dozens of agencies, programs and organizations that provide tangible services—free of charge—to residents of Proviso Township. These programs run the gamut from one on one and couples therapy to drug and alcohol abuse treatment, to medical interventions for depression or bipolar disease, domestic violence and elder abuse, suicide prevention and many others.

We welcome your thoughts and comments and invite you to check out our website to learn more about the Proviso Township Mental Health Commission ( Our job is never done but with your help and support we are makingProviso Township the kind of place we are all proud to call home.

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