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  • Are you or a family member facing a new diagnosis?
  • Do you suffer from a chronic condition that, despite everything you have tried, just won’t go away?
  • Have you or a family member been told to reduce the inflammation in your body but you don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you do you want to get started immediately but you just don’t have the time to research and do it right?

Chef William Blackburn, professionally known as Chef Beau, resolved his own neurological issues by changing his diet. Chef Beau says that “Eating an anti-inflammatory diet puts the right nutrients into the body at the right time and focusing on Gluten Free, non GMO, anti- inflammatory foods improved the quality of my life and my relationships.”

The mission of his company, Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen, is to demonstrate that choosing “Klean”, whole foods is not just a delicious choice but is also a viable and sustainable alternative to relying on pharmaceuticals for the management of chronic diseases. Chef Beau and his team are dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to take control of their health through nutrition.

Clients can engage the services of Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen for weekly meal service, hosting private events and purchasing prepared products. “It all has to do with understanding the types of food that gives us gut issues,” he says. “I’ve learned to make recipes by substituting ingredients. Instead of butter and cream, I use olive oil and coconut cream, which are flavorful and good for you.”

Their commercial kitchen is 100% gluten free, lactose free, and free from all food that is government subsidized. All meats used in Chef Beau’s dishes are pasture-raised and certified humane. All seafood is either wild-caught or open-water farmed, and never any kind of dairy from a cow. They do offer some delicious cheeses from sheep, goats and buffalo, all of which are lactose free. Baked goods are made with brown rice and sorghum flours, all stock is organic and all seasonings are pure and natural.

Grass Fed Flank Steak with Roasted Red Pepper Relish

Chef Beau’s weekly meal service plans are seasonal, chef-curated and change weekly. They rotate over 500 menu items including Bulgarian sheep-feta burgers, smothered roasted garlic pork chops, grain-free, plant-based lasagna and Buddha Bowls. Each main entrée is paired with a vegetable and a starch. Clients can pick-up from their kitchen or delivery is available as far north as Highland Park, west to Naperville and south to Interstate 55. Online ordering is available, and orders must be placed by noon on Thursday for the following week.

For more information about Chef Beau’s Klean Kitchen, call 708-354-4844, email Info@ChefBeausKleanKitchen or visit

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