The Bilingual Montessori Lab Academy is a Spanish immersion School originated on the foundation that all children can learn and be bilingual. The children at Bilingual Montessori Lab Academy experience nature and Montessori Philosophy in Spanish.  We support all learners and turn learning barriers into strengths. Our purpose is to give students the ability to learn in an enriched environment that encourages curiosity, stimulates language, and sets the child free to observe, think, create, and draw their conclusions in both languages. Believing that all children hold infinite potential, our shared purpose is to cultivate life-long learners and to empower every child to create a more just and harmonious world.

Our School is a yearlong primary Spanish immersion program, for three- to seven-year-old, that goes through first grade. We promote growth in all areas of a child’s development: academic, social, emotional, and physical. A key to the Montessori Method is the belief that every child has an inner desire to learn, and we work to cultivate that desire so that each child has a true joy of learning, being bilingual, and a lifelong interest to do so.  Children feel at home here. They have a  sense of peace and welcome, a feeling of gratitude, and a sense of community.  Visit our bilingual community and experience this feeling firsthand! Fall enrollment now open.

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