Thank you for publishing and editing Wednesday Journal, of which I have been a subscriber for years. Also for addressing in Viewpoints readers’ concerns about your prior columnist Michael Romain.

Weekly I read his erudite page as I opened your Journal. I learned from and enjoyed his intense, thoughtful pieces. When I was last in Oak Park where family reside, as do I, part-time, I remember talking to Trevor, an actor I met at Sugar Fixe on Marion Street, about Mr. Romain’s work. Trevor assured me he would open the Journal and read that piece.

As a reader of The New Yorker, the LA Times and the recipient myself, of the California Psychological Association’s Best Newsletter Award in 2017, I believe and know exceptional quality work.

I noted in a recent piece that Mr. Romain alluded to, as I recall, some bias against persons who were of LGBTQIA persuasion. He also addressed racial exclusivity in a nearby “suburb of tranquility.” I wonder, are those sentiments, or expressed opinions, too authentic for your readership?

I actually wrote to Mr. Romain at his email, prior to his leaving your publication, expressing appreciation for his work. I learned new words, saw different perspectives, and was so proud to be part of the Oak Park/River Forest community in that he was a member of such.

Now I feel that a wrong has occurred. Maybe Mr. Romain and others interested in top-rate journalism could start our own bi-state (California and Illinois) newsletter. If you publish this letter, maybe Mr. Romain will read it and consider it.

Thanks for your attention.

Marne Ann Trevisano
Oak Park and California

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