As a candidate for the District 90 school board, I have decided not to utilize yard signs for this election. For years, as a resident I have thought yard signs to be “un-green” and to have little efficacy. It’s time for me to walk the talk.

Much has been written about the effect of the corrugated materials in landfills — not good. Additionally, in 2015 a group of universities studied the value of yard signs in national, state, and local political races across the country. They found them to be 98% useless.

Some have told me that not using these signs will be political suicide. Perhaps they are correct. But I’m hoping that in our little hamlet we can make this upcoming election more thoughtful, less divisive and a lot more green.

Maybe we will demonstrate that there are more effective ways to reach our audience while simultaneously becoming the thoughtful citizens we all aspire to be.

Kris Mackey
River Forest

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