Oak Park police are investigating the fatal shooting of a 31-year-old man from Chicago who was killed early Saturday morning on Lombard near Chicago Avenue. Police believe the victim was targeted by the assailant. 

The victim, Rayshawn Hudgins of the 6400 block of South Seeley Avenue in Chicago, was pronounced dead at 4:45 a.m., Jan. 28, approximately one hour after police responded to reports of gunshots. At the time of the attack, Hudgins had been out walking westbound on Chicago Avenue, where he was “confronted by a vehicle that fired multiple shots with an unknown handgun,” according to a news release from the village of Oak Park. The offending vehicle fled westbound on Chicago Avenue.

David Schwartz, who lives about a block away from where the shooting took place, told Wednesday Journal he had been in that hazy state between awake and asleep when the gunfire broke out.

“I heard, in very rapid succession, more than 10 shots, probably 15 to 20, over a period of like 10 seconds,” he recalled.

Schwartz looked at his phone and it was 3:43 a.m. By the noise, he believed the shooting to have occurred in very close proximity to his home.

“It was loud, unmistakable and did put a shiver in my spine,” Schwartz said.

Hudgins was found on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds to his chest near the north side of a garage in the 400 block of North Lombard Avenue. He was transported to Loyola Medical Center where he was pronounced dead. 

The death of Hudgins occurred exactly one month and a day after the death of 27-year-old Dennis Johnson, another Chicago resident who was fatally shot on Oak Park soil.  

Police responded to a call of shots fired at approximately 8:38 p.m., Dec. 27, in the vicinity of 14 Chicago Ave. Like Hudgins, Johnson was found with multiple gunshot wounds and believed to have been targeted. 

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