In regard to last week’s article on the proposed construction at OPRF [Critics and supporters of OPRF’s $100M project speak up, News, Dec. 7], I feel I can provide an important, and so far unheard, viewpoint: that of the students.

Though I find the plan to be excessive, upgrades to the school’s existing facilities need to be made. The current pools are difficult to use for normal swim meets, and dive meets cannot be held because OPRF does not have a diving board.

As for typical pool use by the Physical Education Department, the pools are far below those of schools in comparable districts.

The article mentioned the funds OPRF currently has at its disposal. I think that money should be put toward a much more modest renovation that improves the pools themselves as opposed to renovating the entire section of the school that holds the pools.

Julian Rutstein
OPRF High School student

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