Who says having acne can’t be fun? A former Oak Parker is working to dispel the notion that bad pimples make for a bad time. With Plumpie Skin, you can now express personal flair while treating your blemishes.

The indie skincare line offers artist-designed hydrocolloid acne stickers — pimple patches, only cute. The patches are formulated with acne-fighting ingredients azelaic acid, zinc and salicylic acid. Each comes with a different cutesy cartoon design to elicit bright smiles as well as bright skin.

They are especially designed for teens and pre-teens. Hormones wreak havoc on the pores during adolescence, which heightens kid insecurity. Plumpie’s project manager, Lauren Carroll, knows this too well. She used to feel very self-conscious about her own skin when she was a student at Oak Park and River Forest High School.

“Something like this would have made me feel a lot better and more comfortable about going out,” she said.

 Now working with Plumpie, the OPRF alumna is excited about helping teenagers feel more confident about their appearance with a product that embraces youthful flair.

“When I look at a lot of skincare brands and a lot of beauty brands in general, there’s this one-dimensional aspect to what is beautiful,” said Carroll. “Nobody smiles, which I think is so sad.”

From stars to butterflies, the Plumpie acne stickers are a far cry from traditional, muted, neutral-colored pimple patches. These stickers look more like a fashion accessory than an acne treatment. The patches have been worn by social media influencers Mia Dio and Juwan Gutierrez, according to Carroll, whose favorite patch is a little duck wearing a flower.

The patches come in packs of 36, costing $25. They are only available for purchase through the Plumpie website. The little stickers might even work as stocking stuffers for anyone who appreciates a little whimsy.

After all, “if you have acne, you should be having fun having your acne,” Carroll said.

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