On Oct. 27 at the regular board meeting, District 200 is scheduled to discuss detailed plans and costing for the second project in the five-phase Imagine OPRF sequence.

Project 2 is a critical step in improving physical education classrooms at the high school and will create right-sized, modern and adaptable PE facilities in place of the outdated and failing spaces that students and teachers have relied upon for 90-plus years.

Spatially and functionally, OPRF’s PE facilities no longer meet the requirements and demands of 21st-century education. Following the highly successful outcome of Project 1, which renovated 65 classrooms, added 15 new ones and created new common areas for students, there is no doubt D200 can repeat the success of these results with Project 2.

There can also be no doubt that D200 itself is the source of reliable information and facts for the community regarding Project 2. This is important because discussions on topics related to Project 2 go back multiple years and connections to facts can get lost over time.

Everything related to Facilities Master Planning can be found on OPRF’s website at: https://www.oprfhs.org/about/facilities-master-plan, including summaries of Projects 1 and 2 and archives for the Imagine OPRF working group.

Links to board meetings and all related information are here: https://www.oprfhs.org/board-of-education/agendas-minutes-packets.

Living in the age of social media, where misinformation artists thrive and create alternate narratives driving division and resentment, reliable sources of information are critical.

There will be a lot to discuss when details of Project 2 are finally public. To have the most informed and intelligent discussion, reliance on facts versus interpretation and innuendo is essential. After years of discussion and community input, I look forward to learning about Project 2 and finally moving forward with this important work.

Peter Ryan
Oak Park

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