The Polaroid camera sold out in a buying frenzy following a single in store demonstration in 1948. Some eateries in Elmwood Park have been serving up timeless fare for longer than the camera has been on the market. These recognizable photos cultivate a swift sense of nostalgia just like so many of the dishes served inside the colorful collection of eateries that lure customers with a diversity of cuisines, ample parking, and an honest sense of camaraderie. The Village of Elmwood Park tirelessly supports the restaurants lined up on North Avenue and throughout the village—that ongoing commitment is one of the reasons why many Restaurant Row establishments have endured for decades. So whether you “say cheese” or “hold the cheese” there is classic dish worthy of capturing in Elmwood Park!

Circle Tavern

Whether ordering a single, double, triple or mammoth quad burger, fans of the smash will be pleasantly surprised that Circle Tavern, 18 Conti Parkway, is putting up a practically perfect version of this simple burger style.

Massa Café Italiano:

Angelo and Giovanna Lollino craft a variety of authentic Italian dishes at Massa, 7434 W North Ave. Their award-winning gelato and fresh sorbettos are made fresh daily using time-honored Italian techniques.


Nothing beats a breakfast joint to bring out those retro vibes. Eggsperience, 16 Conti Pkwy., has a perfect mix of old school classics and innovative fare to curb your cravings!

Armand’s Pizza

Armand’s pizza, 7650 W North Ave., has been serving up pies and sliced for more than 60 years. Their signature pizza, featuring artichoke, fontinella, and roasted peppers puts a full color twist on toppings.

Johnnie’s Beef

Folks lined up for this instant camera just like they queue up for a Johnnie’s beef sandwich A counter-service force of nature, Johnnie’s Beef, 7500 W North Ave., first started serving their sandwiches in 1961.

Alpine Food Shop

“It’s not just a sub—it’s an Alpine.” Few places have a truer tag line than Alpine Food Shop, 7538 W North Ave.–the popular sandwich shop has been a part of the neighborhood since 1955

Burger Moovment

This quick-service establishment, 7512 W North Ave., flips every patty to order using locally sourced bakery buns, 100-percent Angus beef and locally grown produce. They also fry up a Banh Mi inspired chicken sandwich if you are looking to put some cluck in your moo.

Gringo and Blondie

An assortment of tacos, cemitas, and burritos await at Gringo and Blondie, 7514 W. North Ave. The Mexican street-food spot also serves up photo-worthy pozole


For twenty-five years the Spizzirri family has been offering baked clams and crispy calamari to set the stage for an array of entrees including pastas, sandwiches and pizza at Spizzico, 7446 W. North Ave.

Russell’s Barbecue

Tradition is alive and well at 1621 N Thatcher Ave. The original meat sandwiches, slab ribs and bone-in chicken continue to be slow roasted and served just as they were in 1930. The tender and simply seasoned meats are all designed to be doused with Russell’s barbecue sauce

New Star

A mainstay on North Ave., New Star, 7444 W. North Ave., had been serving up Cantonese cuisine since 1954, but Jinny Zhao’s ownership has brought fresh life to the restaurant row and their classic eggrolls!

Café Cubano

For 20 years, Mayra and Javier Fernandez Jr. have been honoring Javier Fernandez Sr. by bringing authentic Cuban fare to Restaurant Row. Located at 7426 W. North Ave., Café Cubano uses nostalgia and comfort as key ingredients in every dish—including lechon, oxtails, jibaritos and empanadas.

Jim and Pete’s

Since 1941 this Restaurant Row outlier has, has been serving up old world favorites with a modern twist. The well-appointed restaurant, 7806 W North Ave., is known for serving up a reliable arsenal of traditional Italian dishes and specialty menu items like giant housemade rigatoni with pinenuts, spinach and ricotta.

Old Word Pizza

In 1963 the Bambini family opened their first restaurant and nurtured a loyal customer base. Though ownership of Old World Pizza, 7230 W North Ave., has changed hands several times, the same collection of century old recipes make is easy to savor a slice of history.


Sara Kate, owner of Inari Sushi, 7428 W. North Ave., takes a “sushi first” approach to turn out a creative assortment of maki, nigiri and poke. Bento boxes, ramen and kitchen entrees complement an array of cocktails and sake options.

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