News last week that Trustee Arti Walker-Peddakotla was tendering her immediate resignation from the Oak Park Village Board left us feeling both disappointed and sympathetic.

Her letter, which we publish today in Viewpoints (page 23), is lengthy, vulnerable and boldly declarative. She writes about a tough health issue that has also made clear to her the stress-induced aspects of her board service and the impact they have had collectively on her challenges of anxiety and depression.

Such candor wins our deep respect and compassion. Talking directly to constituents about the interplay of health and mental health, toggled with her determined and sometimes unpopular political stands, is brave beyond what we normally see.

There is no doubt that Walker-Peddakotla’s progressive views represent a notable portion of Oak Park residents. While we have at times disagreed with her tactics — Defund the Police is just the wrong slogan for critical reforms that are vital — we most often respected her views and her consistent advocacy for her well-thought-through beliefs.

Ahead of next year’s village election, we look for Village President Vicki Scaman to appoint a replacement who is a woman of color and a proponent of progressive action in this village.

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