William Drummond designed 560 Edgewood Place in the Prairie style.
William Drummond

I have a comment about the Homes section article last week on William Drummond’s W. Muther House [History hits the market in River Forest, Aug. 10].

Oak Park and River Forest have a significant architectural heritage that brings thousands of people here to see and appreciate. The least we can do is make sure that descriptions are correct.

The actual history is that Drummond started working for Frank Lloyd Wright in 1899 as a draftsman. He obtained his architect’s license in 1901. From then until 1905 Drummond worked off and on for Wright while subsequently working full time in the office of Richard E. Schmidt (1901-1902) and famous Chicago architect Daniel H. Burnham (1903-1905). In 1905 he returned to full-time employment with Wright staying with him until 1909 when a dispute over pay caused him to leave permanently.

Drummond did not take over Wright’s office in 1909 when Wright left for Europe. He contracted with Hermann von Holst to maintain his office and complete a list of standing work under construction or still in the planning stage. Drummond helped, at von Holst’s request, with the closing of Wright’s office by visiting the nearly complete Mason City Bank (Iowa), and the Park Inn Hotel, which were nearly complete. Drummond was a registered architect since 1901 and had his own practice at this time.

John Van Bergan, Marion Mahoney, and Isabel Roberts were the significant personnel that closed his office and completed Wright’s outstanding work.

Jack Lesniak, AIA
Architect, Consultant
River Forest

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