Jacob Drews, who identified himself as a high school student, gave a rousing endorsement of Danny Davis, who is seeking his umpteenth term as the 7th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, last week in Viewpoints.

Reading his letter was akin to the language I have encountered in numerous pieces of campaign literature that infest my mail box these days. It was quite the slick and sleek bit of wording that extolls numerous personal and political virtues upon whomever pays for such rah-rah rhetoric. Mr. Drews seemingly has a future as a PR flack. Just a high schooler, and thus not even born when Davis first took his current office, but somehow he believes the 80-year-old rep is still worthy of another two years, youthful progressive challengers be damned.

We’ll see what lies ahead in 4-plus months. I hope younger, energetic progressives get elected. The entrenched, long-in-the-tooth Democrats certainly are not serving “we the people.”

I doubt Kina Collins will beat Davis in the primary, he being part of a corporatized national body politic with lots of campaign cash. If a teenager like Jacob has already bought into this tired repetition of re-electing antique actors in a Democrat Party that clearly has no intention of giving the working class the help they need, in spite of having complete control of our national government, then the future looks bleak.

Joe Harrington
Oak Park

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