Earlier this spring, Ascension Church was specially decorated for the 50-Day Easter Season. And the Sunday after Pentecost, the Trinity icon was placed prominently on the altar. Gazing upon those decorations reminded me of an important person in our community, Jim Wojcik.

Jim truly loved being involved at church. He oversaw the Art and Environment Committee, whose primary role was to get the decorations in place for the various liturgical seasons. He was involved in other liturgical ministries, too. His involvement increased when he joined the Ascension Parish staff. He spent several hours at church on Sunday mornings to help with preparations for Mass and then ensuring everything ran smoothly, particularly for special occasions.

As someone who is involved at Ascension in a variety of ways, I got to know Jim very well. I could see that he was, and still is, a tremendous blessing in our community because he is a person of great faith and is so devoted to participation in church life at Ascension.

Paul Rubio
Oak Park

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