Recently the curbing on the southwest corner of Harlem and Central was cut and a rubber ramp was installed, a very good thing. I’m guessing it was the Village of River Forest that did this, since similar work was done almost at the same time on the northwest corner.

However, for years I’ve wondered which agency is responsible for clearing snow from the sidewalk there. The plows come by, shove a pile onto that corner, and over the following days a little mountain develops with a path up, over and down on it. It’s always a pretty bad hazard, especially on the downslope onto Central, since pedestrians are walking out into possible traffic, they cannot see coming from the left (west) on Central. This is even more dangerous because far too many drivers ignore the “No Turn on Red” sign there and turn anyway.

Whose responsibility is it to clear that walkway and curbing of snow? River Forest? Oak Park? Forest Park? Union Pacific? Metra? CTA? Do they all point at the other guy and say, “Not my job”? Because nobody does it. Ever.

It’s time for someone to take this on. Yes, it’s nice having a ramp. But pretty soon it’ll be a snow slope. 


Ed McDevitt
River Forest

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