One of the things being considered in the Eisenhower Expressway expansion are those godawful sound barriers that wall out everything.

Let’s rethink this. What is being used now by IDOT would definitely divide Oak Park. Around Dayton, Ohio, these sound barriers are masonry part of the way up and plexiglass the rest. In Holland and Italy, they are masonry and tough glass.

Why deviate from the current standards? Well, for one thing, seeing through them gives an image of spaciousness and grace. As much as we in Oak Park champion aesthetics, let’s do better than the present IDOT sound barriers.

Let’s begin now working with IDOT to accomplish this. If we don’t, we are going to have those miles of walls that are just awful on I-90 through Schaumburg and Hoffman Estates. 

And that’s totally unacceptable in Oak Park.

Charles Wells
Oak Park

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